Saturday, February 18, 2012

This Guy Rocks

You ever read someone's work or hear about someone and and think, "man, I could probably get along smashingly with that guy"?

I just found one.   Not only is this guy entertaining, he thinks.   How many people can you claim that for?

Check him out at the Sippican Cottage blog.

He has sons; three of them.  After his son received The Dangerous Book for Boys, he decided it was slightly more dangerous than eating cottage cheese and getting a pedicure.   Seemed like a damn fine excuse to conjecture what an actual dangerous book would contain.

My favorite chapter summary?

"5. Duct Tape. We're going to use a lot of duct tape. We are going to dress our wounds, splint our shins, fix our tools, and tape our little brother's door shut with glorious, magnificent Duct Tape. When the womenfolk complain about the gummy residue it leaves on your siblings, we will remove it with rags soaked in acetone. These will be disposed of improperly. I guess. Who reads the MSDS sheet? Girls."

That idea turned into a great blog about man/guy/dude stuff that isn't entirely irresponsible, not completely safe, and not always supervised, but always satisfying.
As exemplified here:  
Whatcher Wanna Do Today, Lemuel?

Trust me, you want to click that link.

Check out his always entertaining blog: The Borderline Sociopathic Blog For Boys.

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