About F1-Geeks

So Tim and I got tired of reading and listening to other opinions (from what we are sure are very nice people) concerning  things they clearly are wrong about and decided to do something about it.

Welcome to F1-Geeks.  (Yes, there's a "dash" in it. Why? Because F1Geeks looks weird without a hyphen, some other reason, and somone setup F1Geeks already.)

We'll generally be talking about Formula One racing but don't get all worked up if we diverge into anything from home theater, NewEgg sales, Woot, cool technology, grammar, music, video games, or monkeys.

Yes, that's how we roll.....   We sincerely appreciate your visit and hope you enjoy our blather.

F1-Geeks are:

Fred Chavez
Fred is pro-Alonso, anti-Ferrari, and thus deeply conflicted.  Fred is an avid gamer, a technology and home theater enthusiast.   Fred's personal blog can be found here and is really interesting if you are related to him in some way.

Tim Catellier
Tim is in no way qualified, nor authorized to comment on events in the F1 world. But that doesn't stop him from doing so. Tim has always been a fan of racing. He's an automotive enthusiast, computer geek and loves gaming (though he’s quite bad at it). His latest project is the conversion of a BMW Z3 to an electric car, which can be seen here if you’re interested.