Friday, February 17, 2012

Red Pill / Blue Pill... Regular / Extra Crispy

I can't tell if this is a brilliant idea decide if this is satire intended to call attention to the plight of the food chicken or if this is just amazing practicality.   It will serve both purposes and thus is a brilliant idea.

Reported by the future-looking folks at io9 comes this elegant horrific elegant design for The Center for Unconscious Farming. 

"As long as their brain stem is intact, the homeostatic functions of the chicken will continue to operate. By removing the cerebral cortex of the chicken, its sensory perceptions are removed. It can be produced in a denser condition while remaining alive, and oblivious.

The feet will also be removed so the body of the chicken can be packed together in a dense volume.
Food, water and air are delivered via an arterial network and excreta is removed in the same manner. Around 1000 chickens will be packed into each 'leaf', which forms part of a moving, productive system."

I'd also imagine it is quite a bit more sanitary.

While it may seem horrific, it is only so for people who somehow believe chicken magically appears in little sandwiches and celophane wrapped packages.   Their current conditions are far more horrific than this.

This offends us because it makes it impossible to ignore the reality of meat consumption.   Rationalize it any way you like but feeding on other living creatures is not pretty.   Tasty, but not pretty.   If you are going to take a life to consume for your meal and not actually do it yourself, at least man up and admit that it is what it is.   Own your behavior or change it.

If you do change it, consider how bleak the world would be without Popeyes spicy chicken tenders with extra biscuits.

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