Friday, February 17, 2012

OK… We’re Back

Yes.  We know.  Trust me on this.  There are like 3.6 of you who were wondering what the hell happened to your somewhat quirky, always witty, terribly handsome and (if we must admit) rather insightful web hosts.

Well, you may imagine any number of horrors that befell us.  Was it an accident?  Was there a baby stuck on the train tracks?  A sensory deprivation experiment gone awry? 

Mayhaps we discovered our latent mutant powers.

The grim truth is we just got crazy busy and, honestly, it started to seem a bit redundant posting about how Vettel won again.  No we aren't forgetting that one freaky time he got a flat tire when he ran over a spring that fell out of Massa’s face, but a single data point does not a trend make.
We aren’t trying to make excuses and it’s not like we don’t love that we are one of the Internets’* last undiscovered gems that hasn’t been bought out by Gawker (ie. Lifehacker or Kotaku) or The AOL Network (ie. Engadget or Joystiq) but when pressed for time, all cool things became unknowable and unreportable.   Life gets in the way sometimes and until all 3 of you get your best one million friends to regularly read our insanity, there is still that stuff called work we have to pay attention to.

We still watched the races and had a great time.   We still did cool geeky stuff but things happened and we didn't really post about them.   We'll be better. 

There are always F1 things to talk about but we aren't going to be doing it better than a lot of the great people out there doing it now. The guys at WTF1 find quirky and cool F1 stuff and they are awesome.  The folks at F1 Fanatic and Formula 1 Blog have more depth and seriousness but much less snark.   Which is cool, some people don't like snark.  Some people think Regretsy is mean.

We don't.   We also think that giving you "full" coverage (whatever that means) of F1 is not something any of you would come here for anyway.  We're going to talk about video games, F1, photography, stuff that irritates us and general geek stuff.   We think we're pretty damn good at that.

*That apostrophe is right the fuck where we want it to be.

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