Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Austin is on the Schedule for 2112

This bit of news excites us to no end.  It's not as if there was ever really any doubt that it would happen, but Formula 1 is coming to the US in 2112 at the brand new track in Austin Texas, the Circuit of The Americas.  June 17th is the big day and Fred and I are setting our sites on being there to witness the track's inaugural GP.

I was expecting that the FIA would trim a different race off the schedule to make room for the US GP, and we all feared Turkey was the circuit with it's head on the proverbial chopping block.  But according to the press release, there will be 21 races next year, and Turkey is on the list, though there is a troublesome asterisk near it's name.  Of course with the upheaval in the Arab world, with people fed up with and demonstrating against their governments, at least two of those races are could vanish off the schedule just like Bahrain did this year. 

Though still under construction I have no doubt that the Circuit of The Americas track will be done well before the June 17th race.  No chance they're going to need to pull off what South Korea did last year, finishing track the week of the race.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

F1-Geeks Armchair Team Principal Grand Prix de Monaco (Monaco Post Race Recap)

Monaco.  The crown jewel.  The prestige.  The glamour.  The barriers.  Property, cars, scenery, activities and women you can't afford.  Monaco tends to be somewhat of a letdown most of the time.  It's classy and entertaining but rarely an exciting race.   How did this year shape up?  Your humble geeks break it down.