Sunday, July 31, 2011

F1-Geeks Armchair Team Principal - Großer Preis von Deutschland (German Grand Prix Post Race Recap)

Added in the second year of the Formula One Championship, the German Grand Prix is interesting to me as its location alternates every year.  It was called the European, Luxemberg, and German Grand Prix but for me it doesn't really count unless it is at the Nürburgring.  I will wistfully contemplate what it would be like to hold the race on the old 14 mile configuration.  Certainly a bit of romance about that.

There was a lot of conjecture about why Vettel was not on Pole for the first time in 15 races.   Did he set his car up for optimum performance in the rain?   This would mean his performance would suffer in Qualifying.   Very confident move if that's the case.  Did it work out?  Was it worth the risk?  Will Webber repeat last year's win in Germany?  Lets find out.