Friday, March 4, 2011

You Ready?

It's March.  Saint Patrick's Day and the Ides aside, your humble operators here at F1-Geeks are looking forward to the start of the new Formula One 2011 season.

  • KERS is back, if we're lucky we'll see some poor mechanic do a little jig as some errant voltage makes his legs twitch.  If we're unlucky, somebody may get seriously injured.
  • Vettel with a big fat number "1" on his car.  Righteous, man... Righteous.
  • No Kubica.  Much sadness here.  I'm glad he's alive and bummed he's not racing this year, maybe not ever.
  • F1 Circuit in India.  Any new track is a cool thing.
  • 107% Rule is back.  This is excellent although spells trouble for Virgin and HRT.

  • Pirelli tires.  Now that guy in high school that wouldn't shut up about them will get a major "That's What I'm TALKIN About!!" moment.
  • F-Duct... Gone.   This is kind of a bummer for me.  I liked the simplicity and elegance of this tool.  The fact that you can now adjust the rear wing doesn't quite make up for it.  That's like building a six-degree of freedom robotic arm to slam the door shut on a Girl Scout*
  • Nico Hulkenberg gone from a regular drive.  Bummer.  Should have been Heidfeld.
  • Eyebrows still rocking.
  • Flavio still gone.
 Get your pre-flight checklists ready and the snacks planned out.  This should be a pretty entertaining season.

*For the record, we really love the Girl Scouts and their cookies are like the "11" in a game of Craps.  A universal symbol of good will.  Some of the parents on the other hand...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Power Of Cats Compels Me

I swear this isn't going to be a regular thing.

But come on, people.  Kittens.... in a tower case.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Inifiniti Sponsors Red Bull Racing, At Least One Half Of F1-Geeks Gets Rather Enthused

I know.  I know this isn't really as cool as it seems to me but let's consider the elements.

Fred has:
Liked the Red Bull team since they were Jaguar.
Was a fan of Sebastian Vettel since his first race win.
Been emotionally ravaged by the Alonso-Scuderia Paradox
Driven an Infiniti since 2006
Been a fan of Renault since he learned they are part owner of Inifinti.

So the thought of seeing the Infiniti logo on an F1 car is pretty damn appealing.   Seeing it on a Red Bull is just awesomeness.