Thursday, March 17, 2011


Check this out.

Imagine if you will, reclining into this beauty for a spirited session of F1 2010; no helmet or earplugs needed*.  For the paltry sum of $1400 you can set this baby up in front of you big screen TV, turn on your surround sound system and race in the nearest thing available to a real F1 simulator.

What's so special about this driving playseat you ask?  Well, it's built to hold you as close as possible in the position of what a real F1 car would, and it has "Red Bull Racing" graphics printed on it.  But does that differentiate it enough from other playseats to make it worth the extra cash?  I think yes.

Shamelessly swiped from Read the original post at CrunchGear.  If you want to save yourself $100, you can order it before the June launch date from the folks at PlaySeat

*OK, if your surround sound system will replicate the 130 DB produced by an F1 car, you'll need earplugs. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Find Your Lack Of Chocolate Chips........ Disturbing

I know this has been out for a bit but I couldn't resist letting all 1.8* of you know about it.   Witness the power of the Dark (chocolate) Side.
That's no space station!!  It's a cookie jar!!

At $49.99 it is a little pricey but really, that's a small price to pay to have the most powerful battle station in the Empire on your counter.

You can order it here from ThinkGeek or from SkyMall, but SkyMall makes me feel like I'm sitting next to someone stinky.

*Readership is up a tenth of a person so that's exciting.