Thursday, March 17, 2011


Check this out.

Imagine if you will, reclining into this beauty for a spirited session of F1 2010; no helmet or earplugs needed*.  For the paltry sum of $1400 you can set this baby up in front of you big screen TV, turn on your surround sound system and race in the nearest thing available to a real F1 simulator.

What's so special about this driving playseat you ask?  Well, it's built to hold you as close as possible in the position of what a real F1 car would, and it has "Red Bull Racing" graphics printed on it.  But does that differentiate it enough from other playseats to make it worth the extra cash?  I think yes.

Shamelessly swiped from Read the original post at CrunchGear.  If you want to save yourself $100, you can order it before the June launch date from the folks at PlaySeat

*OK, if your surround sound system will replicate the 130 DB produced by an F1 car, you'll need earplugs. 

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