Monday, May 23, 2011

Infiniti Supercar... And Don't Call Me Shirley

While Tim isn't going to give a rat's behind about this news, your humble author is digging it. 

The entire 3.2 of you who read this blog know that my wife and I drive Infiniti vehicles and while they are pretty damn zippy, we've got no illusions about their supercar status.  

Well it would appear that someone told Christian Horner that Mercedes "rox" and he "sux" because he got a little fussy about how the Mercedes/McLaren F1 contingent made some production supercars:   "There's no reason not to be involved. We have proved that Red Bull can take on the likes of Mercedes in F1 despite their heritage and a natural evolution of that would be to use our expertise we have in [developing] road cars."

Apparently the Infiniti logo on the RedBull Racing cars was more than just advertising.  A long term trajectory

Damn skippy...

From the good folks at What Car?

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