Friday, March 4, 2011

You Ready?

It's March.  Saint Patrick's Day and the Ides aside, your humble operators here at F1-Geeks are looking forward to the start of the new Formula One 2011 season.

  • KERS is back, if we're lucky we'll see some poor mechanic do a little jig as some errant voltage makes his legs twitch.  If we're unlucky, somebody may get seriously injured.
  • Vettel with a big fat number "1" on his car.  Righteous, man... Righteous.
  • No Kubica.  Much sadness here.  I'm glad he's alive and bummed he's not racing this year, maybe not ever.
  • F1 Circuit in India.  Any new track is a cool thing.
  • 107% Rule is back.  This is excellent although spells trouble for Virgin and HRT.

  • Pirelli tires.  Now that guy in high school that wouldn't shut up about them will get a major "That's What I'm TALKIN About!!" moment.
  • F-Duct... Gone.   This is kind of a bummer for me.  I liked the simplicity and elegance of this tool.  The fact that you can now adjust the rear wing doesn't quite make up for it.  That's like building a six-degree of freedom robotic arm to slam the door shut on a Girl Scout*
  • Nico Hulkenberg gone from a regular drive.  Bummer.  Should have been Heidfeld.
  • Eyebrows still rocking.
  • Flavio still gone.
 Get your pre-flight checklists ready and the snacks planned out.  This should be a pretty entertaining season.

*For the record, we really love the Girl Scouts and their cookies are like the "11" in a game of Craps.  A universal symbol of good will.  Some of the parents on the other hand...

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