Sunday, March 6, 2011

CTHD: (Update) Ferrari vs Ford

You may recall our original disbelief at the complaint from Ford against Ferrari for the use of their shared first initial and a number that happens to follow 149.

Ferrari decided to play nice and officially changed the designation to "Ferrari 150th Italia".  Ford seemed to be OK with this and dropped the complaint. 

The final chapter comes to us from the folks at Autosport who report Ferrari has tweaked the name again to "Ferrari 150° Italia - Ford Sucks It"**.  Changing the "th" to the Italian version, which should see the matter closed. 

While I still can't help thinking Ford really looked petty for this whole thing, I am glad they did finally Calm The Hell Down in the end.

**OK, I added that last part but it would have been way more entertaining this way.

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