Thursday, October 14, 2010

F1-Geeks Armchair Team Principle - Suzuka *Spoiler Alert*

This post kicks off what will be a regular column of post race analysis by the team here at F1-Geeks.   Our plan is rather complex so I'll lay it out for you here.

F1-Geeks watch race.
F1-Geeks have feelings about it.
F1-Geeks write it down as if it was important to others.
Others clamor with unbridled joy at the ensuing enlightenment.
Star Wars is released on BluRay in the original 1977 version.*

Fred's thoughts
Suzuka was great for many things.  The rain delay drama, Vettel's great drive, Webber not crashing into anyone and the weather held so we got to see some great racing.

At the top for me was Kobyashi's manic genius under braking.  I always thought he could do better than he has and perhaps it's more about his car's performance than anything else but he's disappointed when compared to the first few drives of his career.

I was, however not thrilled with Kubica's wheel problem.

My most amusing post race comment was from Mercedes as they were pleased because "Michael was the first car to finish after the 5 championship contenders".  Well, I suppose that's a positive way to look at it.

All in all a decent fun race from my perspective but I would have loved to have Kubica battling through the whole race.

Tim's Thoughts
It was fantastic to see Vettel take pole and ultimately win the race, even if it was more or less a procession.  The front runners pretty much just followed each other through the whole race.  But I'm not complaining, I rather enjoyed it.

It was a shame to see 4 drivers taken out on the first lap.  Two before the first corner even.  Petrov better be careful, or Renault may start pursuing Kimi for real.

Apparently Kobyashi was possessed by the spirits of Suzuka and the net result was inspired insanity.  Let's hope he's back to his peak form.  I love watching him when he throws caution to the wind.

Speaking of the spirits of Suzuka, there appears to be a new one.  I believe the Japanese will refer to him as "Taiya Dorobō," the tire thief.  He managed to force Kubica and Rossberg to retire early as each had one of their wheels just magically fly off the car.  Apparently that's the only way Michael can finish ahead of Nico.  (Doh!)

I thought Hamilton did a pretty amazing job considering he had one fewer gear than everyone else. 

Over all, I thought it was a great race.  Beautiful circuit, great weather and good results.  What really would have made it awesome was if the great spirit Dorobō San had decided to lay his hand upon Webber's car as well.

*Han shot first.


  1. I would buy a bluray player just to get a copy of that movie I could watch. As it is...a complicated transfer from LD->DVD will have to do.

  2. 100% with you on that. Just a drag that he doesn't allow it. With seamless branching, he could release all three versions on one disc. We could choose which version to watch.

    Can you imaging how well that would sell?


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