Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Anyone But Webber

OK.  So I'm sure he's a nice guy with a nice wife and probably even has very nice huge-jawed kids.   I'm also sure that I would not be happy with him as an F1 champion. 

You're saying to yourself, "You just hate all Aussies because we have beautiful beaches, blonds, and "bar-b's".   Well, yes, those are things to be jealous of and somewhat irritated by, but you forgot Paul Hogan, Yahoo Serious and Mel Gibson.*  OK, I'll conceed Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman.**  Hell, I'll even give you Russel Crowe and the hot girl from Chuck.***   AND You've got to have some serious skills to stick around in Australia.  Great white sharks. Saltwater crocs.  Just laying about the place.  Let's not even get into your invertabrates. Box jellyfish, anyone?  You meet one of those guys and you're dead in three minutes.****  No, no, my friend.  Australia kicks ass.

It's just that Mark doesn't seem to.   Yeah, he's there.  He's consistent.   But he never pulls off the heroic moves.  When he's in the back, he stays there.   When he's in the front, he's willing to risk his position to force other drives to crash into him.  Most of his moves seem to be him being as unsportsmanlike as possible and getting away with it.  Hell, he couldn't even pass a much slower Heikki on straight as wide as a California highway.

While most of this post is just in fun and Webber seems like a pretty decent guy.  There's no spark there.  No inspiration.  No message other than "see what you can get away with".  And that's the problem.  It won't be as if he fought for the championship and took it.  It'll feel a lot like he just got away with it.

*Before you go on about how I'm just jumping on the "Mel sucks" bandwagon, it's not true.  I actually like the guy and when you make an ass-load of money, you get to be a bit of a lunatic.  I'm just tired of watching him get tortured in every single film he makes.
** Although her prior marriage renders her suspect from the outset.
***Technically, she's Polish.
**** These things are responsible for more deaths, than snakes, sharks, and saltwater crocs, combined.

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