Wednesday, June 13, 2012

For Sale: Senna's First F1 Car

Listed at Silverstone you can now buy Ayrton Senna de Silva's first F1 car.  The car he drove to a spectacular 2nd place in Monaco, in the rain.   The Toleman TG-184-2 was given to a driver in 1985 in lieu of salary.  He kept it until 1994 when he sold it to the current owner.

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I am not really sure what I think of this thing. I honestly wouldn't want to own it. I'd like to see it, and I hope whoever buys it has it on display somewhere, but it seems too big for me to grasp. I can barely believe that I actually saw him race in person. Owning the first ever F1 car he owned would be surreal.

When you think about the changes in technology, one begins to wonder how much better he would be if he had the benefit of the telemetry and analysis that modern drivers have.

There is a train of thought that holds that his genius was one of intuition, "feel", and natural affinity for the physics behind the drive.   Providing him the modern technology and methods would only have distracted him from what he tapped into to drive as he did.

I don't know the answer, but I always experience a bit of melancholy to know I'll never find out.

If you are interested in owning this piece of racing history, head on over to the post and place a bid.   Even if you aren't interested in owning it.  Head over to the auction so you can look at the steering wheel.   Amazing in comparison.

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