Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How Did I Miss This - Batmobile at SIlverstone

Dear Reader, there are times when crazy geek or F1 things happen and somehow, we here at F1-Geeks are unaware of them.   When I find them, I'm going to assume that some of you may not have been aware of them either.   Here's our first entry in what will probably become a recurring series of entries titled:  "How Did I Miss This?"

From the folks at Jalopnik comes Batmobile racing around Silverstone.   Yes this is three years old but I'm pretty sure I wasn't in a coma that year.   I'm really not sure how I missed it.  

Although the video isn't the most exciting, it does give some cool additional views of the Batmobile.

Two things remain constant for me.  I still think The Dark Knight was a great film and I'm still bummed out about Heath Ledger.

My favorite shot

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