Tuesday, February 1, 2011

There's Something About Lotus...

Really, there is.  From the Lotus Renault site* comes the announcement of the official showing of their new R31 chassis.  I've said before these colors make me all weepy with nostalgia.  I hope they do really well. 
Even poorly exposed this thing looks cool.

I had completely forgotten about KERS until I read the specs here.  Should make things interesting.

As I was looking through the gallery on their site, I noticed all of the images are exposed for the background, leaving the car hard to see.   Have the official Lotus photographers forgotten how to capture a black car?

We'll track their improvements as the season moves on.
*Not the other Lotus site which is still Lotus but not really Lotus but still has the Lotus name but is not Group Lotus but is Team Lotus which we call Groupus and Teamus respectively

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