Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Classic Livery Returns

Although the story is really pretty boring, it did result in a possible livery example for recently re-branded Lotus Renault GP team. 

I can't help but absolutely love this.  It reminds me of not only classic F1, but of Senna's early days and all things 70s.   I had a model Louts that I would push around the floor in my room as a kid and while I didn't know anything about F1 at the time, I just dug the open big wheels.

I find it a cool coincidence that it was the great Ayrton Senna's car little Fred was pushing around on the carpet.  Even back then I figured since it was sleeker than a stock car, it must have been faster, and it almost always won the imaginary race.   Rarely a LeMans car would surprise everyone with a photo-finish win in the last seconds.

While I'm not one who ascribes the status of "hero" to sports figures, movie stars, and the like, Senna's dedication, focus, and near-transcendent ability on the track is certainly inspirational. 

After learning about him in the early 90s, I became a fan and didn't realize until looking at this image that it was a Lotus car that I had parked in front of the Apollo-Soyuz model on my dresser.

The image is great for the memories it conjures up.  Now, where can I find a Red Bull model that isn't a choking hazard?

From the awesome awesomeness known as Autoblog.

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