Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gran Turismo Hosts Racing Contest, Nelson Piquet Jr. Offers To Go Link-Dead "If it will help"

If you thought there were enough reasons to pick up GT5, we've got one more for you.   GT5 kicks off their "Racing Academy" on December 6th.  

What's a GT 5 Racing Academy, you ask?  A series of time trials that eventually eliminate all but the fastest 32 racers.   Those guys go on to a live competition televised by Speed going from 32 to 16 who compete in various challenges to show they can kick all kinds of virtual ass.

When the final racer stands alone they're whisked off to a secret training camp (which I'm going to assume will contain a great deal of exercise equipment) where they'll get actual racer training and will get to compete at an actual race event. 

For all of us who've had the thought that begins with "If only..."  here's the chance.  And as long as Piquet isn't still grounded you might bump into him online.

From the good guys over at Destructoid.

Check out the big details here.

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