Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Stig and the Tesla

Fans of the BBC's Top Gear may remember the episode back from December of 2008 when Jeremy test drove the Tesla Roadster around their track. He loved the car, at least at first, but later went on to dismiss it as rubbish.

That created a firestorm on the web and in the EV community as everyone pointed out where and why he was wrong. It's true, some of the points he made were misleading, and some were down right false, but by and large, the story was accurate. One of the things that makes that show so entertaining is Clarkson's over the top, hyperbolic reporting. No one could mistake everything he says as truth, much less believe it all. I'm certain he doesn't believe everything he says!

Well it turns out that when they handed the car over to their tame racing driver, he was smitten. Ben Collins, the Stig Ex-Stig, has come out as a big fan of the Tesla. In spite of what Clarkson said. He's had a couple opportunities to drive the car, both on Top Gear's track and last month at Brands Hatch. I don't know about you, but I'd love a chance to drive a Tesla. But a chance to drive one flat out on a track... Oh man!

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  1. I would certainly volunteer to help test drive any EV or hybrid vehicle anybody might need evaluated. The faster the better.


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