Monday, October 18, 2010

Schumacher's First Championship Benneton For Sale

Check this out.  From super ultra luxury item blog, James Spotting (The official blog of JamesList where you can buy and sell all kinds of crazy luxury items.), comes news that reminds us of the hardest hit in this economy, the ultra rich.   Imagine if you will the sorrow, angst, suffering and anguish of the poor gentlemen who must now sell his prized possession just to make the payments on his 18,000 sq ft house.   Oh money gods, how cruel, thou art.

For the bargain price of one and a half million Euros, this baby can be yours.  Clearly an important piece of racing history as it is the car Mr. Schumacher won his first F1 championship in.  More importantly, you can still see Steve Matchett's initials carved into the legality plank.*

Probably not a bad investment as you have to figure someone will pay 3 million for it eventually.  So what are you waiting for?  Pick this thing up and park it next to Pussy Galore's heli**.

*No, you can't.  But for an extra 500 large, why not pay Steve to come out, sign it himself and tell you some cool stories about that time?
** Also for sale at James List.

On a special super geeky side note, my GPS informs me I'm travelling about 430 mph at just under 36,000 ft.  Oh technology, how I do love thee so.

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